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Valentine’s Day

A celebration of love. Delightful, right? Well, yes. But I’ve been thinking today about those who are at present without a “significant other.” If we confine our concept of love to romantic love only, aren’t a lot of those people likely to feel less like celebrating and more like moping?

But if we expand our sense of love to a more inclusive one, it changes everything. Romantic love is anything but a joy unless it’s returned. We feel a need to get it from a certain person. But what if we decide to celebrate instead the kind of love we can give instead of get–a love that flows out freely to others just because they’re a part of the family of man? We can choose at any time to lavish such love on someone who may be thirsting for it. “If we love one another, God lives in us, and his love is perfected in us.” (I John 4:12) Now that is something worth celebrating!

Neighborhood Bookstores

Bummers! I just learned about All on the Same Page Bookstore this morning only to google it, and find book editor Jane Henderson’s 1/20/14 article about its February demise. I was really excited to learn of a bookstore promoting St. Louis authors because I happen to be one. But staying in business is a challenge for any bookstore now that bibliophiles have the convenience of buying books without even moving away from their desks. This raises another question akin to Jane’s Kindle question: Will Amazon (and the like) make neighborhood bookstores obsolete? I shudder to think of this, too, but…

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