Yes, birthing a book would appear to be that—certainly the part that happens at the computer keyboard. But there is so much more to it—so many ways that others have contributed to bringing my books from the secret world of my imagination into public view. Without the encouragement, artistic talent, technical knowledge, helpful mentoring, and insightful editing of others, neither The You-Song nor Daughter of Jerusalem would have seen the light of day.

Now that they have been published, it will take many others, involved in less central but nevertheless important ways, to let the books’ potential audiences know that they’re available and worth reading. Until now I never would have imagined how much a “like” on the You-Song or Daughter of Jerusalem Facebook page or a brief review on Goodreads or the website of a bookseller such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble—actions that can be accomplished in a minute or two—could contribute to getting the word out.

So my heart is already reaching out gratefully to anyone who’s willing to take a moment to participate in this simple way in the publication of these two books. It assures me again that I’m not alone!