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Bummers! I just learned about All on the Same Page Bookstore this morning only to google it, and find book editor Jane Henderson’s 1/20/14 article about its February demise. I was really excited to learn of a bookstore promoting St. Louis authors because I happen to be one. But staying in business is a challenge for any bookstore now that bibliophiles have the convenience of buying books without even moving away from their desks. This raises another question akin to Jane’s Kindle question: Will Amazon (and the like) make neighborhood bookstores obsolete? I shudder to think of this, too, but…

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  1. Kathy Neu

    Hi Joanne! Saw your website on goodreads site. It is sad about the bookstores leaving us. I used to go to Borders up on Mackenzie Rd years ago, and they had sofas where you could just sit and read. Miss that.
    But here we have the 1/2 Price Bookstores, where you can trade in books for credit to buy different ones there.
    But it is just so easy with the Kindle reader to buy or loan online.

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