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A creative person—that’s what you have to be to write a book, right? All I can say is: it hasn’t worked for me.The more responsible I feel for being creative and coming up with ideas, the less success I have as a writer. Or anything else for that matter.

But in those quiet moments of listening to an inner voice that I’m convinced belongs to the true Creator, ideas can occur that are beyond my imagining. That’s when I know I’m on holy ground, and the results sometimes amaze me.

How does it feel?

How does it feel to get your books published? To me it feels a lot like motherhood. No kidding. My books are my babies. And they have a life of their own.

Like most mothers, I delighted in the early stages of their development. They often surprised me, as children do their parents, in the amazing process of becoming what they were meant to become. But they were still safe at home, still not fully formed, still able to be molded as further intuitions came.

Then the day arrived when it was time to let them go. It’s remarkable how difficult that can be. I began to realize how much I’d enjoyed having them around as “young” unfinished projects, how much my sense of life-purpose had come to evolve around them. But the only way they could fulfill their purpose was for me to release them. So, of course, I did.

And like every mother, I wish them well on their journey into the world and hope that they will meet up with some good friends along the way. I hope you will be one of them.

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