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A Heartwarming Launch

Last Thursday I had my first opportunity to share¬†The You-Song¬† in a school setting. I was invited to the Principia to read and discuss it with two small groups of preschoolers. As they clustered around me with eager expressions on their faces, my colorful little book about their uniqueness was coming to life before my very eyes. And its message actually helped them make some steps forward. One little girl at first resisted moving to enable another girl behind her to see the book better, but as we encouraged her to show how she could “blend with other songs” around her, she did the right thing. Later on an unhappy boy was reminded that he didn’t have to let “the world’s jangle” muffle his song, and he brightened up right away. I left there that day showered with hugs and heartwarming memories.

Reading Togetherness

I’m convinced that reading aloud to one another is one of the most satisfying activities a family can engage in. Soon after we were married, Steve and I began sharing the pleasure of books in this way, and after our daughters joined us, we began an enriching journey with them through the works of A. A. Milne, Lloyd Alexander, L. M. Montgomery, J. R. R. Tolkien and countless others. We have even had the joy of reading numerous books aloud with our two grandsons. Meanwhile Steve and I continue to enjoy books as a twosome. Whether it’s history, biography, or insightful and well-written fiction, it remains our treat at the end of the day.

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